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Property Manager | Pros and Cons of Turnkey Property Investments

If you’ve ever seen the word “turnkey” on a property listing, you may have wondered if the phrase was a buzzword used for marketing, or if it had some other meaning you should know. Turnkey has a meaning, although the exact definition is a bit subjective. A property manager who is just starting in real estate investing might be interested in this type of property because the homes are generally considered to be move-in ready at the time of purchase. This makes them easy to show and rent; however, there are several other pros and cons of turnkey homes that a property manager needs to be aware of before purchasing.

Pros of Turnkey Properties

  • Less Vacant Time-Turnkey single-family rental homes usually have lower vacancy rates because they are move-in ready and easier to get off the market quickly. These properties can start generating a cash flow almost immediately and are sometimes already being used as rental properties with tenants already living there.
  • Diversify Your Portfolio- Turnkey properties are a great way to diversify your real estate investment portfolio because they show you have investments in different areas, cities, and can mitigate against the local downturn in specific neighborhoods.
  • Easy Investment- Almost every property manager will love turnkey properties because they are nearly entirely hands-off and provide a great passive income. Most of the time, inspections, title procurement, appraisals, and other vital processes are already taken care of when you purchase move-in ready rental homes.

Cons of Turnkey Properties

  • Less Customization- Being move-in ready means you won’t be remodeling or renovating the home into the rental home of your dreams. Less customization means less work but also less of your personality that gets to shine.
  • Higher Price- Turnkey homes need little investing and are usually on the higher end of the market value for properties in the neighborhood. This will mean an independent property manager will need to make a higher initial investment.

Turnkey properties are the perfect investment because you can buy a move-in ready rental and leave the business side of things to a property manager in Charleston who can help you get the most return on that high initial investment. Make sure to screen your tenants so your investment can stay valuable.

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