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How Property Management Finds Qualified Tenants

Property Management | If you own a rental home, finding qualified tenants can be a challenge. Sure, people may look and sound nice on the phone or in person, but can you trust them to pay rent on time and maintain your property? Knowing who to say “yes” to and accepting them as a tenant can be nerve wrecking. This is precisely why you need a property management company that understands and is up to date with fair housing laws and can screen tenants appropriately to make the best decisions for your rental home.


Every property manager will have a rental application that prospective tenants can fill out if they are interested in renting a property. With the application usually come a fee that covers the cost of background and credit checks, as well as the time it takes to screen the tenant. An application should be filled out for each person over eighteen years old who plans to live in the home. Some property management companies will make exceptions for children in school living with their parents if they are under twenty-one.

A rental application should ask for full name and address, social security number, and five years of work and rental history. Photo identification should also be copied along with at least thirty days of paystubs.

What Does Property Management Look For?

Using the information provided with the application property management companies will run credit and backgrounds checks on tenants. They will verify rental history, income, and previous residences as well. While every company will be different, Scott Properties, offering high end and luxury homes in the Charleston area has disqualifying criteria similar to national standards.

Net income must be three times the rental price
No evictions within five years
No outstanding balances to previous landlords
Credit score above 520
No violent felonies within seven years
No foreclosures or bankruptcies within seven years
History of paying comparable rent amount
Having pets that are against policy

Your property management company should take all of these things into consideration, if they don’t, call Scott Properties today to see how we can help you rent your home in Charleston!

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Common Questions Owners Have About Property Management

Property Management | Deciding to hire property management to take care of your rental property is a big decision and one that should not be made lightly. There may be several companies that boast the best vacancy fill rates or have great reviews, but as an owner, there are common things that you should wonder about. When you begin interviews potential companies to manage your rental property, make sure to ask these questions.

  1. Do You Require A Security Deposit?Not requiring a security deposit is a big mistake for homeowners and most property management companies will also charge at least one full month’s rent as a deposit that will be placed in an escrow account according to law. These deposits protect the owner against damages incurred by the tenant.
  2. Do You Do Inspections?Believe it or not, many property management companies do not walk through or inspect rental homes to make sure that everything is being taken care of. An excellent property management company should schedule walkthroughs at least twice per year to verify that the house is being treated well.
  3. What Are Your Fees?Don’t trust a property management company that has hidden fees or charges for services based on a laundry list. A high-quality management firm should charge a flat percentage rate of the gross monthly rent. Owners also need to ask if the tenant doesn’t pay rent, who is responsible for the rental fee? Some companies may require that the property owner still pay the fee, even if the renter doesn’t pay. Look for a property management firm that doesn’t hold owner’s responsible such as Scott Properties in Charleston.
  4. What is The Application Process for Tenants? As the owner of the home, you want to know that the people renting from you will pay on time, not destroy your home, and not cause problems in the neighborhood. Tenants should be screened through an application to determine suitability. Background checks, income verification, and previous rental history along with photo idea should all be part of the application process.


Start with these four questions when you interview property managers. If the answers aren’t to your liking after these four, it is time to move on to a different property management company. Call Scott Properties today to see how we can help you rent your home in Charleston!

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Best Rental Homes Charleston

Are you looking for rental homes Charleston, South Carolina? Are you moving from out of state and need help discovering where the best rental homes Charleston are? Scott Properties offers high-end, luxury rental homes in some of the best areas of South Carolina including Dewees Island, Isle of Palms, West Ashley, Folly Beach, Goosecreek, Mount Pleasant, and the city of Charleston. Renters who want to live their best life should consider these neighborhoods and Scott Properties for their rental home needs.

Dewees Island- Part of the barrier island, Dewees Island is great for renters because the island is secluded with only 150 homes total, no paved roads, and strict codes for the building. The properties on the island are exclusive and nestled in the woods with three miles of beach to view.

Isle of Palms-The Isle of Palms is thought to be more than 25,000 years old and former home to pirates. This island is great for renters who want waterfront property where they can sail, boat, and jet ski. Tenants with dogs, however, must obtain a permit from the Palms Police Department.

West Ashley- West Ashley is one of the districts of Charleston and has a population of 75,144 people. This neighborhood is perfect for city lovers who still want to enjoy waterfront vistas, and scenic views. The area was developed in the 1950’s and is currently being revitalized. Charleston’s largest shopping mall and the newest hospital are both located in West Ashley.

Folly Beach- Considered, the edge of America, Folly Beach is an attractive rental area for people who want to relax and enjoy artisanal experiences. The music and art scene is huge at Folly Beach, and there are many historic houses to choose from. Homes on Folly Beach average half a million dollars, making them one of the most affordable beach communities in the United States.

Goosecreek-Goosecreek is a smaller city with a population less than 40,000. Most of the residents in Goosecreek are middle class with home values averaging around $167,400. Goosecreek provides excellent rental homes Charleston for families with the average head of household being approximately 31 years old.

Mount Pleasant-Mount Pleasant is part of the top ten fastest growing neighborhoods in the country and is the most popular area of Charleston to live in. The public school system is fantastic, and there is plenty of shopping and entertainment in this city of 85,000 people.

If you are interested in the best rental homes Charleston, call Scott Properties today to see how we can help you find a home in Charleston!

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Why Your Property Manager Will Require Renters Insurance

Property Manager | When a property manager is handling the leasing of your rental home, you want to trust that they will be able to keep your property safe and incur a profit for every month. One way the property manager you are working with will ensure that your rental property stays safe and valuable is to include mandatory renters’ insurance in the lease agreement.

Why Renters Need Insurance

Many tenants may not want to purchase renter’s insurance. No one wants to take on more bills; however, renter’s insurance should be non-negotiable. Many renters do not understand that when it comes to their belongings, a property owner’s insurance is not liable for damages to the renter’s things. Renters need their insurance to cover them in the event of disasters that result in the loss of property.

Your property manager should ask for a copy of renter’s insurance to prove the renter’s liability coverage if damages are caused to the property as a result of the renter’s negligence. Renters are often surprised to find out that if they leave the water running and flood the apartment, or cause a fire, that they are responsible for the damages, not the property owner.

Where to Get Renters Insurance

Many renters will ask a property manager where they should get renters insurance. Most of the time a renter can receive a discount on their insurance if they package renter’s insurance with their other policies such as car insurance. Tenants should be able to choose whatever insurance provider they prefer, but a property manager may also have suggestions for tenants.

What Does Renters Insurance Not Cover?

While every policy may be different, there are a few things that most renter’s insurance will not cover. Natural Disasters, especially in flood zones such as coastal cities are not covered in renter’s insurance policies; however, additional coverage for these events is generally available. Damage caused by pests is usually not included. High-value items such as antiques, or rare collectibles often require additional coverage as well, especially if their value exceeds your policy limits.

If you are looking for rental property in the Charleston area, call Scott Properties today to see how we can help you rent your home in Charleston!

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What Your Property Manager Does After A Move-out

Property Manager | One of the most hectic times for a property manager is after a move-out. Renting a house after a move out may seem like a simple process—clean it up, market, re-rent, but there are a lot of steps that go along with that process that must be done before new tenants can move in.

  1. Move out Inspection-You never really know what kind of condition a tenant will leave the rental property in when they move out (this is why a good deposit is recommended). When a property manager gets the keys to a rental home back and goes to check it out the first thing they will do is a move out inspection. They will notate the details of the state of the residence, take pictures and assess damages.
  2. Turning the Home-Turning a home means to get it back into shape for the new tenants. This means repairing any damages, repainting, cleaning carpets, and other needed task. This process can take a few days or even longer depending on the state of the home. A cleanout will be done first that takes away anything left in the house by the tenants before repair men or a crew can come in and do the hard work. A deep clean is usually completed after all repairs are made and are the last step before the home is ready to start marketing
  3. Pest Control-Depending on prior issues in the home, company policy, or the state of the home upon move out, pest control is usually performed such as spraying for insects. Cockroaches and bedbugs are two of the most common pests to find in rental homes, and most property managers will have pest control services between tenants.
  4. Marketing-Your property manager may use many different means to advertise a rental home from posting classified ads or advertisement on social media or websites designed for people searching for rental homes. Tv, radio and billboard advertisements may also be possible. After a date is confirmed for the house to be ready, marketing will begin.

The four steps that must be completed before leasing can begin are vital to a successful lease. A great property manager should be able to have little space between renters so that your influx of cash doesn’t slow down. Call Scott Properties today to see how we can help you rent your home in Charleston!

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The Biggest Headaches Your Property Manager Will Solve

Property Manager | Investors and homeowners who are interested in turning their property into rental homes should consider hiring a property manager to run the day to day operations of their rental business. There are a lot of processes, laws, and regulations that homeowners must adhere to when they decide to become a landlord; but hiring a property manager will take the weight of running a rental business off your shoulders. Let the person you hire take care of all these common headaches for you.


  1. Setting the Price-A property manager can do a market assessment to find out how much rent is being charged for homes similar to yours in the same neighborhood. Never worry about if you are charging too much or too little.


  1. Marketing Your Home- When you hire a professional property manager you can be sure that you are working with someone who is also a professional marketing expert. The person managing your rental home will know how, when, and through what avenues your home should be advertised for rent.


  1. Showing the Home-There will be a lot of people who want to tour your home and not rent it. This can make you feel as though you are wasting your time and cause frustration. Let a property manager handle making the appointments and showing the home, so you don’t have to.


  1. Screening Tenants-Securing qualified tenants can be troublesome. There are a lot of factors that determine who is a suitable renter including income, background, credit, and rental history. Let your property manager sort through all the details and perform the necessary checks to ensure the best decision is made on tenants.


  1. Maintenance Issues-Renters always need something fixed, and unless your lease requires them to be responsible for maintenance, tenants will call you for everything from a clogged toilet to a flooded basement. Fielding these phone calls in not fun, let your manager do it for you.


  1. Late Rent-Tracking down missed rent payments is annoying and time-consuming. No one wants to be bogged down by collections tasks. Your property manager is authorized to take and apply rent payments, as well as pursue collections activities and evictions.


If you have a home, you would like to turn into rental properties, but you don’t want the headaches that go along with being a landlord, call Scott Properties today to see how we can help you rent your home in Charleston!

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Rental Homes Charleston Island Living

Rental Homes Charleston: Island Living

Property Manager | Everyone dreams of having their own private island, but few people can achieve it. However, when you search for rental homes Charleston you will find that island living is possible, even in the United States. There are 35 islands that make up the barrier island of South Carolina, and a few of them have communities where people are welcome to live.

Best Islands for Rental Homes Charleston

Sullivan Island- If living in luxury is vital to you, Sullivan Island is where you want to live. This barrier island is only 15 minutes from downtown Charleston and is the former home of famous poet, Edgar Allan Poe.

Isle of Palms- This is the perfect place to turn investment property into a rental property. The island is famous as a family vacation spot with beach houses and a world-class marina.

Hilton Head Island- The island is a city town that boasts a high quality of life with the highest median income in the state. One of the most desirable places to rent, the market rent value is higher here than other areas of Charleston.

Kiawah Island- This island has a small population of fewer than 1,500 people, but that number increases tenfold in the summertime when nearly 10,000 people visit daily. The economy is tourism based, with a lot of outdoor recreation. The mean home price on the island is almost one million dollars. There are few amenities on the island, however, and no hospital.

Fripp Island- The entire island is a private gated community with less than 900 residents who live on the island all year, but nearly 5,000 people who reside on Fripp Island in the summer. The island is only 6.5 square miles, but home prices are less than other islands around Charleston.

If you are searching for the perfect island rental homes in Charleston, South Carolina, call Scott Properties Today!