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How Charleston Property Management Can Get You Out of Debt

Property Management | Have you recently bought a residential property that you intended to transform into a lucrative rental business but are now realizing that you just don’t have the time or patience? Are you struggling to pay the mortgages on rental property that is sitting vacant because your marketing plans have failed? Every smart investor is vying at a property in Charleston because of the rising home values and influx of people into the city. Single-family homes are being rented quickly and efficiently by Charleston property management firms like Scott Properties.

When you partner with a property management company to run your rental business, you are partnering with a team that understands the rental market, uses proven effective marketing strategies, and can utilize an entire network of service providers and vendors. The processes that Charleston property management uses to market, lease, and manage your rental property are the best in the business and Scott Properties one of the best at making sure that you aren’t going further into debt with your property.

Every residential property owner wants to make sure that they are profiting from their investments. When you are renting a property, you have to make sure that the rent you are charging is going a long way while also earning you a residual income. Choosing Charleston property management is a smart decision for property owners because someone is always available to answer their questions. This same courtesy is extended to tenants who can always count on being able to communicate with the property manager. When you are able to save money by utilizing Charleston property management firms like Scott Properties you can start making more profits and get more bang for your buck. The best property managers should be able to add to your home’s value and enable rent increases periodically to keep up with increasing market rent and demand.

If you are ready to let a Charleston property management firm help you get out of investment debt, contact Scott Properties today!

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Charleston Property Management and Tenant Retention

Charleston Property Management | If you own rental properties one of your concerns should be tenant retention. When tenants decide to move out of your property you are left with a vacancy and time where rent is not being collected. When tenants move out, you must spend money on cleaning services, maintenance, repairs, repainting, carpet shampooing, marketing, and many other expenses. Making sure your great tenants don’t move out is essential and Charleston property management can help property owners decrease their vacancies and increase their retention rates.

Some ways that Charleston property management can help you increase your tenant retention are:

  • Being Available:Tenants want to know that they are being heard by their landlords or property managers. They get frustrated when maintenance requests or questions go unanswered or when they cannot get ahold of the property owner to arrange rent payments or renew a lease. If you own more than one rental property, you can feel inundated with calls from tenants. Using Charleston property management to manage your rental homes means that you don’t have to be at the beck and call of your tenants, but they are still being helped with amazing service through a property manager!
  • Handling Maintenance: Handling the maintenance on your property can be tiresome and tedious, especially if you do not live near your rental property. Tenants also expect their maintenance issues to be dealt with in a timely fashion if they have to have repaired. Charleston, property management employees, are adept at making quick decisions that are within your budget and deploying the right vendors to the home to fix issues quickly. Also, property managers can get ahead of maintenance issues by conducting inspections of the house, changing the air filter quarterly and regularly checking in with their tenants to make sure the home is to standard.
  • Doing Extra-Tenants tend to stay in homes where the landlord or property manager goes above and beyond or out of their way to ensure that tenants are satisfied and happy. Some of the things that Charleston property management firms could consider are offering vouchers off rent for referrals that sign a one year lease, providing free carpet cleanings, having a grace period on rent due date, keeping up landscaping or providing lawn services, offering online access to rent accounts.


If you are ready to see what a difference using a Charleston property management company can make, contact Scott Properties today!

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Best Ways To Thank Your Charleston Property Management Team

Property Management | Managing rental properties takes an entire team to be productive and profitable. When a Charleston property management company is hired to manage your rental business, you will suddenly have a whole group of people working towards the goal of making you money. Property management companies often employ marketing agents, leasing agents, office managers, and maintenance crew members along with many other people that are dedicated to your rental property. This means that processes will get done smoothly, efficiently, and seamlessly. If you want to tank your Charleston property management team, here are some great ways to do it!

1. Leave a Review-Most companies rely on word of mouth and customer reviews to increase their reputation. Charleston property management companies are no different. Many of them have social media, Angie’s Lists, or other websites where you can review their services. The best way to let your property manager know they are doing a great job is to tell them and there is no better way to do that than leaving a review.

2. Participate in the Referral Program-If the company you are partnered with has a referral program try to participate. Many times, property management companies will offer bonuses or incentives to owners who can refer them to other property owners who would be interested in hiring a property manager. The more clients a company has more revenue and resources they are taking. Some of these resources will be invested in your own property by the company!

3. Treat Them With Courtesy and Respect-Your Charleston property management team does a lot for you each day to make sure your rental property business is operating at maximum efficiency. When your home is vacant, they do everything in their power to lease the home including spending extra time showing the property or answering queries. Property managers are used to occasional misunderstanding in communication with tenants but if you really want to thank them for a job well done, so them through your actions by providing support and a positive business relationship with mutual respect and understanding.

Scott Properties wants to be your Charleston property management team of choice. Partner with us today!

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Charleston Property Management Companies Should Partner With Homeowners

Charleston Property Management |The most successful Charleston property management companies build relationships with their homeowners where they are partners in business. When homeowners are searching for the best company to partner with they should be looking at who can offer than more management for fewer fees  who understand the business.

Another critical aspect of the best Charleston property management companies will be those who try to do it all (buying and selling properties as well) and those who specialize in property management. Business savvy homeowners understand that the people who are managing their rental properties should be focused on the rental industry and their relationships with tenants, rather than homeowners who want to sell their properties so an agent can make a commission.

Lowcountry property management companies thrive when they are built with proven strategies that keep the processes of property management efficient and affordable. With an average of 45 people moving into the Charleston metropolitan region annually as of 2017, it is more important than ever that Charleston property management companies know the neighborhood and market rent values and expectations.

Homeowners who treat a property management company as a partner will likely see an increase in their profits and revenue. Being able to discuss your home and rental policies openly is key to having a successful relationship with your property manager. Their goal is always to retain you as a client by providing exceptional service and increasing the amount of money in your pocket each year.

One of the best ways that quality Charleston property management companies increase the amount of money you make is by saving you time and energy through the year. When you can focus on the things you love in life and not have to lift a finger towards creating your residual income your quality of life increases. Many people are finding that they can live the retirement of their dreams by hiring a property manager to maintain their business while they live their best life.

Homeowners ready to take the leap into hiring a property management company should first consider Scott Properties. Contact them today to schedule a consultation or ask any questions.

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Rental Property Management Charleston is Booming

Property Management | Charleston is a fast growing city with an average of 34 people moving into the region daily. Rental property is something that is always in high demand and families need more than a two bedroom apartment. Getting into the business now  by buying a residential property that you can rent out can make you a ton of money in the future.

According to the Census’s American Community Survey (ACS) has seen rent rates increasing. As of 2016, Charleston South Carolina Median Gross Rent was $1,051 against a national median of $981 and a median in the state of $841. This data shows that property owners can charge more for rent in Charleston than most other places in the country. Rental property management Charleston is the business to get into if you want to rent property.

The ACS also showed that Charleston has a vacancy rate of 6.34%. This rate is much lower than the state of South Carolina’s overall rate of 8.49% which indicates that Charleston is one of the most desirable places in South Carolina to live and rent a home in. Rent as a fraction of income was slightly higher than state and country average however at 21.87%. However, the percentages were comparable with the national average being only 20.43%. Renters in Charleston get much more bang for their buck however with beach and coastal community living and a vibrant cultural lifestyle that all residents can enjoy.

Once you decide to own property and rent it out in Charleston, you need to consider rental property management Charleston companies to manage your homes. Being a landlord means marketing, being onsite to show the house, being available 24/7 for your tenants in case of emergencies and having to handle maintenance and getting the house ready again after move out. Hiring rental property management Charleston companies like Scott Properties to manage your rental home is the best choice for any new rental property owner.

If you are ready to take the plunge into rental property management Charleston, contact Scott Properties today!

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Why You Should Invest in Charleston Property Management Companies

Property Management Companies | Charleston South Carolina is growing with 18,381 homes being sold in 2017 and the area seeing an increase of 21.6% in new construction. Home values are also increasing dramatically and quickly with the median home value in 2016 selling being $240,000 compared to 2012 when the median was $190,050. The average sale price, however, was $321,102 due to the many high-end family homes in the market. The gross yield (the total annual income an investor receives from an investment property divided by the price or value of the property) was 8.9%. With trends like this, now is the best time to invest in Charleston Property Management Companies to grow your rental business.

The most recent study published by the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce and conducted by Charleston Southern University shows that every 24 hours the Charleston Metro area which also includes Berkley and Dorchester counties, sees 45 new residents moving into town daily with Charleston creating 20% of the new jobs in the state of South Carolina.  Conde Nast Traveler named Charleston the #1 small city in the U.S. and Yelp named the city the #5 most up and coming. Charleston is also the top east coast city for millennials who are also the most likely to be renting single-family homes. Rent on single families homes also increased by 49% since 2010.

After you buy residential property in Charleston, you will need to invest in Charleston property management companies to ensure you are operating the smoothest rental business possible. Property managers take the pressure off the homeowner when it comes to marketing, leasing, and dealing with tenants. What’s best is that when you invest in property management for your rental business, you no longer have to worry about the day to day tasks. You still make residual income from rent but have a fraction of the work to do.

Contact your Property Management Experts at Scott Properties of Charleston today!

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What Rental Property Management Charleston Can Do For Your Business

Property Management Charleston | Having rental property in Charleston is a great way to invest in yourself and earn residual income into retirement, or just in addition to the career you already have. Charleston, South Carolina is a city that is continuously growing and the need for rental property has not slowed in decades. New families are moving into Charleston all the time and looking for houses that they can raise their families in. If you haven’t dived into the rental business yet, now is a perfect time! Hiring a rental property management Charleston company can do a lot for your business.

1. Finding The Best Tenants-Rental property owners biggest worry is that the people who rent their home are dependable, reliable, and trustworthy. Property managers want to be sure their homes are in good hands with their tenants. Rental property management Charleston companies can make sure that your home is being marketed to the right people. These companies can also conduct background and credit checks, reference checks, and income verification to ensure that tenants that meet your application criteria are renting your home.

2. Increase Your Property Value-Hiring a rental property management Charleston company to manage your rental properties increases your property value because you are more likely to have high-quality tenants that will care about and respect the property. Your property manager can also give you advice on how to increase curb appeal and work with you to get things done. They also know the current market rent rates and can ensure your rental prices are competitive.

3. Save Your Business Money-Property managers have many connections with vendors such as painters, cleaning companies, plumbers, electricians, carpet cleaners, clean out services and more. These connections can save you money through business to business discounts that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Some property management companies even have their own in-house maintenance teams or cleaning crews which can save time and money.

If you’re ready to see what else rental property management can do for you, Contact Scott Properties today!