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Charleston Property Management Companies | How to Make the Move-In Process Go Smoothly

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Charleston property management companies are always looking for new ways to be efficient and save time and money because, ultimately, the savings turn into profits for the owners who employ them. When processes are followed that streamline processes tenants are often much happier as well. Outside of the leasing process, the tenant and property manager relationship will officially be established on the day of move in. These days can be incredibly stressful for tenants and property managers, so having an efficient process will be valuable in keeping everyone as stress free as possible. 

Follow some of these best practices from Charleston property management companies to make your move-in process easier for tenants and managers:

  1. Automated Payments- When property managers take electronic payments for deposits and first month rent, move in can be scheduled much sooner. Using a check or card online will have the funds guaranteed much faster than depositing a check and waiting for it to clear the bank. Your tenants will also feel secure in knowing that the money for their deposit and rent is paid expediently. 
  2. Use Apps for Property Management- There are dozens of apps available for smart phones, tablets, iPads, and more that will streamline rental processes such as inspections, storing information, requesting maintenance and more. Ditch the paper and pen and record all the information you would store in a tenant file through online software instead! Your tenants can even pay rent, request maintenance, or contact the property manager through some property management apps. 
  3. Maintenance Schedules- Maintenance teams are a crucial part of making sure the move-in process goes smoothly. Your team should be on a schedule for turnover maintenance and repairs for each home managed by Charleston property management companies. You will also need an effective communication system for various vendors that are not employed in-house with the property management company. 
  4. Communication- Apps and schedules are good tools for communicating but you will need to ensure that the tenants know and understand how to communicate the things they need and what the expectations are. We recommend scheduling a move-in appointment before the day of arrival to do inspections, set expectations, and go over any last-minute questions or details. 

One of the best ways to ensure the move-in process goes smoothly is to trust in Charleston property management companies to do it all! Investors with multiple properties should not shoulder it all alone. 

If you are ready to talk to a property manager and get the process started, contact Scott Properties of Charleston at 843-790-4929.