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Property Management Tips for Marketing Rental Homes

One goal every property management company has is to have a 0% vacancy. This goal is impossible to achieve because most rental homes need at least a few days to clean and prepare for the next tenant. Keeping homes filled with renters is the only way for property management companies to make their homeowner clients happy. A property management company that cant keep rental homes rented will not be in business long, so they have developed many tips for marketing rental homes and filling them up fast.

  1. Use Social Media-Just like any business, you should have social media accounts for your rental home, especially if you have more than one. Even if you choose not to establish a page for your business, using your personal accounts to create ads for your rental home and boost information to people in your neighborhood is the best marketing strategy for nearly all businesses.
  2. Know Your Target Market-Property management companies can track trends in rental history not only for your home but others similar on the market. You will need to complete research to know who is looking for rental homes in your area. This is called the marketplace demographics. You should know exactly who it is your property is best suited for–families, single adults, senior citizens, college students, etc.
  3. Create a 3D Tour-With today’s digital technology, potential renters will spend more time on your website checking out your rental properties if you have 3D model tours of your rental homes. When renters are able to see a 360-degree view of a room online, they are going to be more excited about touring the home as soon as possible to secure a lease.

Social media, targeting the right market, and creating a 3D tour of your property are the best ways recommended by property management companies to market your rental home.