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Property Management in Charleston, SC | Should You Let Tenants Plant Gardens?

Tenants looking for single-family home rentals are in search of a place that will feel like their own. Most tenants look forward to making the inside of the rental feel like home, but some tenants might also want to make changes to the exterior of the home such as planting flowers, landscaping, yard decorations, painting the shutters or siding, adding yard games or vegetable gardens, or even planting their own trees. Making sure that the lease is specific regarding what tenants can do should be a high priority for leasing agents working in property management in Charleston, SC.

Property Management in Charleston, SC | Pros and Cons of Tenant Gardens

South Carolina weather is perfect for enjoying flowers, having gardens, and growing vegetables all year round, and many tenants renting through property management in Charleston, SC want to live on beautiful properties. There are many things to consider before letting tenants make substantial changes to the property such as flower beds and vegetable gardens.

  • The opinion of the property owner
  • Are there existing flower beds around the home from previous landscaping that tenants can fill-in?
  • Does the lease already include lawn maintenance?
  • Are there considerations that can be made for the size of flower beds or gardens?

The largest risk to allowing tenants to start their own gardens is the cost and time involved with returning the gardens to lawns when tenants move out. Some companies in property management in Charleston, SC choose to provide professional landscaping for their rental homes. Some property managers will also allow tenants to have greenhouses or raised beds rather than digging into the lawn when they want to start a garden.

Another risk a property manager takes in allowing tenant gardens is the gardens becoming overgrown and unsightly in the tenants do not keep up with taking care of the beds. Depending on neighborhood and city ordinances, the property management company may be forced to make the necessary changes to the property.

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