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3 Steps a Property Manager Must Take to Lease a Home

Leasing homes is one of the main priorities of a property manager. While there are many other tasks to be done, none of those would exist without tenants living in homes for rent. A property manager begins looking for new tenants on a home as soon as a current lease is not renewed. The leasing process can often be a long one, but it is possible to market, show, and lease a home right away with some renters. Having a quick turnaround on leases is important to keep profits up and owners happy. These are the steps a property manager takes to leasing a home.

  1. Marketing- As soon as you know a specific unit will be available, you should start marketing that property. Marketing can be done over the radio, through commercials, and through digital channels. You should know who the target market for your properties is and market to those demographics. You should be able to take inbound calls and emails to set appointments and answer questions. A property manager also should make outbound calls to leads they already have.
  2. Showing-While there are some people who will rent a home without seeing It first, such as people who are relocating for work, most people will want to see the home before signing a lease. When you show the home your salesmanship skills should be kicked into high gear to ensure the lead falls in love with the property and wants to become a tenant. A property manager should always make sure that the home is well kept, clean, and presentable before showing it.
  3. Leasing-Once the lead decides that they want to live in the rental home, you will have them fill out an application and other necessary paperwork. If your lead passes the application, you will need them to sign the lease forms with the agreed move-in dates and all terms of the contract. Paperwork is the most tedious but also the most necessary step to leasing a property.

A property manager from Scott Properties is able to follow through on all steps of the leasing process as well as managing the property. Contact us for a professional and skilled property manager to lease your rental homes.