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Charleston Property Management Companies Should Partner With Homeowners

Charleston Property Management |The most successful Charleston property management companies build relationships with their homeowners where they are partners in business. When homeowners are searching for the best company to partner with they should be looking at who can offer than more management for fewer fees  who understand the business.

Another critical aspect of the best Charleston property management companies will be those who try to do it all (buying and selling properties as well) and those who specialize in property management. Business savvy homeowners understand that the people who are managing their rental properties should be focused on the rental industry and their relationships with tenants, rather than homeowners who want to sell their properties so an agent can make a commission.

Lowcountry property management companies thrive when they are built with proven strategies that keep the processes of property management efficient and affordable. With an average of 45 people moving into the Charleston metropolitan region annually as of 2017, it is more important than ever that Charleston property management companies know the neighborhood and market rent values and expectations.

Homeowners who treat a property management company as a partner will likely see an increase in their profits and revenue. Being able to discuss your home and rental policies openly is key to having a successful relationship with your property manager. Their goal is always to retain you as a client by providing exceptional service and increasing the amount of money in your pocket each year.

One of the best ways that quality Charleston property management companies increase the amount of money you make is by saving you time and energy through the year. When you can focus on the things you love in life and not have to lift a finger towards creating your residual income your quality of life increases. Many people are finding that they can live the retirement of their dreams by hiring a property manager to maintain their business while they live their best life.

Homeowners ready to take the leap into hiring a property management company should first consider Scott Properties. Contact them today to schedule a consultation or ask any questions.

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Rental Property Management Charleston is Booming

Property Management | Charleston is a fast growing city with an average of 34 people moving into the region daily. Rental property is something that is always in high demand and families need more than a two bedroom apartment. Getting into the business now  by buying a residential property that you can rent out can make you a ton of money in the future.

According to the Census’s American Community Survey (ACS) has seen rent rates increasing. As of 2016, Charleston South Carolina Median Gross Rent was $1,051 against a national median of $981 and a median in the state of $841. This data shows that property owners can charge more for rent in Charleston than most other places in the country. Rental property management Charleston is the business to get into if you want to rent property.

The ACS also showed that Charleston has a vacancy rate of 6.34%. This rate is much lower than the state of South Carolina’s overall rate of 8.49% which indicates that Charleston is one of the most desirable places in South Carolina to live and rent a home in. Rent as a fraction of income was slightly higher than state and country average however at 21.87%. However, the percentages were comparable with the national average being only 20.43%. Renters in Charleston get much more bang for their buck however with beach and coastal community living and a vibrant cultural lifestyle that all residents can enjoy.

Once you decide to own property and rent it out in Charleston, you need to consider rental property management Charleston companies to manage your homes. Being a landlord means marketing, being onsite to show the house, being available 24/7 for your tenants in case of emergencies and having to handle maintenance and getting the house ready again after move out. Hiring rental property management Charleston companies like Scott Properties to manage your rental home is the best choice for any new rental property owner.

If you are ready to take the plunge into rental property management Charleston, contact Scott Properties today!

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Why You Should Invest in Charleston Property Management Companies

Property Management Companies | Charleston South Carolina is growing with 18,381 homes being sold in 2017 and the area seeing an increase of 21.6% in new construction. Home values are also increasing dramatically and quickly with the median home value in 2016 selling being $240,000 compared to 2012 when the median was $190,050. The average sale price, however, was $321,102 due to the many high-end family homes in the market. The gross yield (the total annual income an investor receives from an investment property divided by the price or value of the property) was 8.9%. With trends like this, now is the best time to invest in Charleston Property Management Companies to grow your rental business.

The most recent study published by the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce and conducted by Charleston Southern University shows that every 24 hours the Charleston Metro area which also includes Berkley and Dorchester counties, sees 45 new residents moving into town daily with Charleston creating 20% of the new jobs in the state of South Carolina.  Conde Nast Traveler named Charleston the #1 small city in the U.S. and Yelp named the city the #5 most up and coming. Charleston is also the top east coast city for millennials who are also the most likely to be renting single-family homes. Rent on single families homes also increased by 49% since 2010.

After you buy residential property in Charleston, you will need to invest in Charleston property management companies to ensure you are operating the smoothest rental business possible. Property managers take the pressure off the homeowner when it comes to marketing, leasing, and dealing with tenants. What’s best is that when you invest in property management for your rental business, you no longer have to worry about the day to day tasks. You still make residual income from rent but have a fraction of the work to do.

Contact your Property Management Experts at Scott Properties of Charleston today!

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What Rental Property Management Charleston Can Do For Your Business

Property Management Charleston | Having rental property in Charleston is a great way to invest in yourself and earn residual income into retirement, or just in addition to the career you already have. Charleston, South Carolina is a city that is continuously growing and the need for rental property has not slowed in decades. New families are moving into Charleston all the time and looking for houses that they can raise their families in. If you haven’t dived into the rental business yet, now is a perfect time! Hiring a rental property management Charleston company can do a lot for your business.

1. Finding The Best Tenants-Rental property owners biggest worry is that the people who rent their home are dependable, reliable, and trustworthy. Property managers want to be sure their homes are in good hands with their tenants. Rental property management Charleston companies can make sure that your home is being marketed to the right people. These companies can also conduct background and credit checks, reference checks, and income verification to ensure that tenants that meet your application criteria are renting your home.

2. Increase Your Property Value-Hiring a rental property management Charleston company to manage your rental properties increases your property value because you are more likely to have high-quality tenants that will care about and respect the property. Your property manager can also give you advice on how to increase curb appeal and work with you to get things done. They also know the current market rent rates and can ensure your rental prices are competitive.

3. Save Your Business Money-Property managers have many connections with vendors such as painters, cleaning companies, plumbers, electricians, carpet cleaners, clean out services and more. These connections can save you money through business to business discounts that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Some property management companies even have their own in-house maintenance teams or cleaning crews which can save time and money.

If you’re ready to see what else rental property management can do for you, Contact Scott Properties today!

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Finding a Great Rental Home in Charleston South Carolina

Rental Homes in Charleston | Charleston, South Carolina is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States with twenty-eight people moving into the metropolitan area each day. Families are rapidly expanding in the region with 360,000 new children being born each year on average which is making single-family rental homes popular, especially with the 18-44-year-old population.

If you are moving to Charleston and searching for a rental home, one of the best indicators of a great rental home is one that is managed by Charleston property management. When you rent a house that is managed by a professional company, you are guaranteed to be dealing with professional people who understand the landlord-tenant laws of South Carolina. Renting from Charleston property management means you aren’t dealing with slum lords because these businesses are much more heavily regulated than a regular landlord.

Renting through Charleston property management also usually means that paying your rent will be easy and convenient. Most property management companies, like Scott Properties, offer online access for tenants to their accounts where they can pay their rent and submit maintenance requests or email questions or concerns. This is great for tenants that want to keep electronic records of their payments conversations with their property manager or landlord.

When you find a Charleston property management company that has homes you are interested in renting, check the reputation of the company. You can typically find reviews on Yelp or the social media pages of the businesses. You want to rent from a company that is experienced, trustworthy and has excellent feedback from their clients and tenants both. If you are looking to rent a home, you want to know that you are renting from someone who respects tenants and isn’t a slum lord. The best way to do this is working with reputable Charleston property management like Scott Properties. Contact us today to see what’s available in Charleston!

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How Charleston Property Management Can Grow Your Business

Property Management | You probably got into rental property to earn extra money or to build your career in real estate. One vital component of your rental business is understanding the market, and right now, the rental market is booming in South Carolina, and Charleston property management can help you make the most out of your rental business.

One-third of the citizens in South Carolina rent the homes they live in, and Charleston is one of the best places to invest in property because appreciation is going up each year. Two-bedroom homes are the most popular and sought-after homes in Charleston. Single-family residences can bring in $1,700 per month or more in rental income.

With property prices increasing each year, now is the time to purchase a home and expand your rental business. Expanding your rental business means that you will have to invest more of your time into the tasks of being a landlord. Hiring Charleston property management can take the burden of managing multiple properties off your shoulders.

Hiring a property management company means that you have experts who can market your rental homes, get the best rates from tenants, and make sure that your property stays inhabited and making money. A property manager can also handle late rent and other lease violations so that you don’t have to.

When you utilize property managers to grow your business, your profits will increase, and your homes will be in the best hands when it comes to maintenance issues and curb appeal. You will no longer have to worry about the time you have to commit to appeasing tenants and managing your business. Scott Properties in Charleston, South Carolina specializes in single-family rental homes and can help you expand your rental property business to make the most profits with the least risk.

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Let Charleston Property Management Companies Handle Your Tenant Evictions

Let Charleston Property Management Companies Handle Your Tenant Evictions

Charleston Property Management | One of the biggest headaches that come with owning rental property is when you have to evict a tenant. No doubt tensions between property owners and tenants can be high when the tenant isn’t paying rent or has enough lease violations to warrant eviction. When you have multiple properties, spending time in court and filling out piles of paperwork is the last thing you want or have time to be doing. When you hire one of the Charleston property management companies to handle your rental business, you don’t ever have to be burdened by the eviction process ever again.

In South Carolina, landlords must follow a rigorous process and meet all the requirements mandated by the landlord-tenant laws of South Carolina. If landlords make a mistake during the process, the eviction may be found invalid which is why using Charleston property management companies to help you manage your rental properties is ideal for all homeowners.

Charleston, property management companies, are experts at rent collections. The goal of all property managers is to collect the rent without having to go through the eviction process. The best way to avoid the eviction process is to properly screen tenants. Scott Properties has the ability to conduct credit and background checks on prospective renters to ensure that your renters are qualified. A Scott Properties property manager can also check tenant references and verify income.

The eviction process is lengthy and costly and although landlords can request that the judge order the evicted tenant to pay for court costs, procuring this payment can take time, and the money can trickle in very slowly. Avoiding eviction is the best option for landlords and hiring Scott Properties to manage your rental homes is the best choice you can make. Contact Scott Properties today for a consultation!

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How Charleston Property Management Companies Can Market to Millennial’s

Working for Charleston property management companies means that you need to know how to market homes to millennials because they make up over half of the population. Millennials are entering their thirties and beginning their families meaning that they are looking to leave their apartments and make the transition to single-family homes.

Charleston, property management companies, should focus their marketing towards millennials by talking about neighborhood safety, the ratings of schools in the neighborhood, access to locally owned businesses, the arts district and downtown Charleston. Millennials also tend to care about the ecological sustainability of homes, and in Charleston, you want to mention how close the beach is from the front door as well.

Charleston property management companies also need to keep up with the latest hip restaurants as Charleston is known as a foodie city, and millennials especially love to eat out and try new foods. Millennials also care about outdoor activities such as boating, kayaking, and fishing so being able to tell prospective tenants that your rental home is near these can be a great selling point.

Millennials also love technology and Charleston property management companies should try to make minor technology updates as often as possible. These can be digital thermostats, new smart appliances, water saving motion detection fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen, and much more. Millennials also care about home safety and rental properties that have security systems are a great selling point.

Swimming pools not only raise home value but can also appeal to millennials who like to entertain their friends and family. Marketing a rental home to millennials is important for Charleston property management companies to thrive, let Scott Properties handle renting your single-family home so that you don’t have to bear the burden of marketing and leasing.

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Why Home Owners Need Property Management Charleston South Carolina

Property Management | Charleston South Carolina is growing at a rapid rate, and more people than ever are looking for single-family homes to rent. If you own multiple homes or have ever thought about getting into the rental real estate market, now is the time to do so as home values are only increasing more and more each year. By purchasing a home now, you stand the odds of having your home value only increase each year while making money off your investment through rental income. Don’t worry; you don’t have to know anything about being a landlord. Property Management in Charleston South Carolina is all you need to start earning profits off your properties.

When a homeowner uses property management Charleston, South Carolina to manage the day to day business of rental properties, homeowners see their residual income increasing and their stress decreasing. Have you wanted to rent one of your single-family homes but feel overwhelmed by the process of renting our your property and then being inundated by calls from tenants wanting maintenance or paying their rent late? Property management Charleston South Carolina takes care of all the nitty-gritty tasks of the rental business.

When you hire a property management company like Scott Properties, you will find that your profits each year increase. Professional property managers can negotiate rates with vendors and services, keep your home rented, collect on the rent, and suggest upgrades that will increase the value of your property. The property managers at Scott Properties understand how to target the right market for your home and find the best, most qualified tenants.

Homeowners who utilize property managers tend to have less stress and a higher level of satisfaction in their business. If you’re a homeowner looking to rent your single-family home and make extra money each month, contact Scott Properties today and set up a consultation!

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Trends in Charleston Property Management 2019

Property Management | When you own rental property in Charleston, South Carolina, it is essential to understand the trends in the property management industry and rental industry. Currently, the average rent is increasing two percent each year, and that trend is not fading. More than half of the properties in Charleston rent for between $1,000 and $1,500 per month and another sixteen percent average between $1,500 and $2,000 per month. However, there are plenty of neighbors where rent tops two thousand dollars per month.

With property values increasing, now is the time to invest in rental property and get a few extra thousand dollars per month in your pocket. These trends going into 2019 will help you make the best decisions for your business.

  1. Three and Four Bedroom Homes on the Rise-The price of three bedrooms homes in Charleston has increased more than seven percent in the last year, and four bedroom homes have had just over a three percent price increase. The best part is that even though home prices are rising, more homes are being sold. After a low dip in sales at the beginning of the year, home sales are increasing dramatically since. Investing in single-family homes now means you can expect an increase in your home value over the next few years.
  2. Rental Prices Increasing-The median rent in Charleston in October was $1,900 per month which is $150 more per month than the prior year. This is a trend that can be expected to continue.
  3. Remodeled Kitchens-One trend that Charleston Property Management needs to consider is kitchen remodels. Renters are looking for properties with updated kitchens, and property owners need property managers to help them manage the remodel and then market the property afterward.
  4. Homes with Pools-Swimming pools dramatically increase the value and curb appeal of homes and Charleston property management companies know that you can ask more for rent when a house has a swimming pool.

If you’re ready to let a property manager help you navigate the trends for 2019 in Charleston property management contact Scott Properties today!