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Property Manager-Why A Property Manager Should Accept Online Rent Payments

Property Manager |Tenants have hundreds of excuses for why they can’t pay rent or can only make a partial payment. When you only accept cash, check, or money order for rent payments tenants find it easy to try to haggle their way into an extension on rent. When you accept online rent payments from tenants, they start to run out of excuses for why they can’t pay rent on time. There are certain excuses that online portals help to squash.

1. Money Related Excuses-Tenants will tell you dozens of different stories about why they didn’t have the money for rent. From other bills being too high to a child or family member falling ill, or the government being late on payments, a tenant that doesn’t have the money will want you to empathize. Online portals help tenants to manage their money better because they can make small payments throughout the month to try to get ahead after their rent is paid and they can track their rent through their online account.

2. Transportation-Related Excuses-The check got lost in the mail. The money order got wet in the mailbox. My car broke down, and I couldn’t’t make it into the office. It’s snowing outside, and the roads are bad. Tenants who rely on someone physically taking their rent payment to another location can always use transportation as an excuse. Online rent payments make it easy for tenants to pay from the comfort of their home or even from their phone while on the go.

3. Confusion on Due Dates-Some tenants will tell a property manager that the reason they are late on rent is that they were confused on the due dates, rent amount, or any other fees that they owe. This is a common excuse for new tenants especially. Online rental portals can send reminders to tenants about when rent is due and how much the tenant owes. Paying rent online and having a tenant account eliminates confusion on the details of rent.

If you are ready to take your rental property business to a new level with a property manager that can manage rentals contact Scott Properties.

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Property Manager-25 Most Commonly Asked Questions by Prospective Tenants

When a property manager is showing homes, they need to be prepared to answer common questions that prospective tenants will have regarding the property and the property manager business. When you can’t answer common questions, tenants have their trust in your property management company drops. Before you show another rental home make sure you can answer the following questions:

1. What is the rent, deposit, pet deposit, and application fees?

2. What lease terms do you offer? Can I get a discount for signing a longer lease?

3. What is your pet policy?

4. What do you look for on the application? How are tenants screened?

5. When is the soonest available move in date?

6. How many other applications do you have for this home?

7. What is your subleasing policy? What happens if I have to move for my job?

8. Can I list my home on Air BNB when I am not staying there?

9. What happens if we need to break our lease?

10. After my lease do I renew or go month to month?

11. Do you give notice before entering the home after I move in?

12. Is off-street parking available? What are the parking arrangements?

13. What is the crime rate in the area? Has a crime ever been committed in this home?

14. Can I paint, put up shelves or hang artwork inside the home?

15. Are any utilities included?

16. Who is responsible for lawn care and snow removal?

17. How much notice do we need to give if we do not want to renew our lease?

18. Can I plant a garden or do landscaping?

19. Can we put a pool in the backyard?

20. How do we pay rent?

21. Do we get our deposit back after we move out? How long does it take?

22. Are we required to purchase renter’s insurance?

23. What is the late fee and grace period for paying rent?

24. What school district does this home fall into?

25. What are the nearby churches/grocery stores/ department stores/ gas stations etc.

A great property manager will be able to answer all of these questions and be prepared for odd or unusual ones as well. If you are interested in learning more about Scott Properties, contact us Here.

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Charleston Property Management | Three Ways You Can Make Sure Tenants Take Care of Their Rental Home

Charleston Property Management |One of the most nerve-wracking days a property manager has is when they go into a rental home for the first time after a tenant moves out. We have no idea what to expect and hope that the tenant took care of their home. One way to ease this stress is to ensure that the tenants in your rental homes are responsible adults and will leave home is an excellent condition. While there’s not much you can do about normal wear and tear, use these three tips to help ensure your tenants will take care of their rentals.

1. Screen Tenants-As a property manager, the essential part of your job is screening tenants. You can’t let anyone with a deposit move into a home. You need to make every potential tenant fill out an application and perform a credit and background check, verify employment and income and call the references. Tenants should make a least three times the rent amount in income and show they are responsible through a steady employment history and good credit.

2. Have a Detailed Lease-The lease for the rental home needs to be detailed so that tenants know what is expected of them and what the consequences are for not taking care of the home. Make sure you include rules about trash/garbage accumulation, smoke detectors remaining in working order, upkeep of the home, and pets if applicable. You should also include the move out inspection form that you will use to determine if the tenant will get their deposit back so that they can make sure to have everything completed before handing over the keys.

3. Do Inspections-A property manager that performs inspections on rental homes generally see homes being better maintained because the tenant expects the landlord to check up on them. Schedule an inspection every six months and at lease renewal time. Do not allow tenants to renew their lease if they do not pass their inspection. You can also charge lease violation fines if needed. Just make sure that the rules about inspections and violations are spelled out in the lease.

If you are ready for a qualified Charleston property manager to talk to you about your rental home, contact Scott Properties today.

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Charleston Property Management | Why Everyone is Moving to Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston Property Management |Anyone who has ever considered coastal living should be looking to Charleston, South Carolina first. The iconic city is significant to American history being founded in 1670 and holds onto those traditional roots while also embracing a thriving metropolitan vibe that people all over the United States have fallen in love with. Charleston may even have more awards than any other city in the country including accolades from Travel + Leisure Magazine, Forbes, Fodor’s, Conde Nast, Huffington Post, Business Insider, and the Wall Street Journal among many others.

All these awards aren’t the only reason you should consider moving to Charleston, however. Rental property management in Charleston is available to make your move comfortable and convenient if you are renting a home rather than purchasing. With 28 new people moving to Charleston each day, rental property management in Charleston is the best way to ensure you lease the perfect rental before someone else does.

Charleston is growing at three times the population of the rest of the United States on average and many of the 28 people moving here every day are well educated, young, new to the workforce adults who as created a growing labor force at four times the U.S. average. Charleston is in the top 50 of fastest-growing metros in the country and the place to be for young millennials and the next generation of college graduates.

Property Management in Charleston companies has a variety of homes for rent in Charleston ranging from new and modern, to rustic and historical. When you decide to move to a city like Charleston, partnering with a company that knows the region and can get you exactly what you are looking for is always the best option for a smooth transition. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the fantastic beaches, eclectic art scene, vibrant history, sunny weather, and lower taxes without worrying if you made the right decision in where you live.

If you’ve fallen in love with Charleston, South Carolina, let our property managers help you find the perfect rental for you and your family. Contact Scott Properties today.

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Three Things Charleston Property Management Can Do To Attract New Property Owners

Charleston Property Management companies need to grow to stay in business and keep turning a profit and attracting new property owners is the most crucial part of the process. There are three essential things that Charleston property management needs to do if they want to gain new rental property owners as fast as possible.

1. Show How Unique Your Property Management Company Is

Rental property owners who are looking for Charleston property management need to show how they stand out from the competition. What do you offer that other companies in Charleston do not? Build yourself a solid reputation, especially online and through social media, but also focus on what makes your business unique.

2. Show A Commitment to Growth and Profit 

A rental property manager is making a significant investment in Charleston property management, and they need to know your company is willing to capitalize on that investment. Stay on top of new market trends in property management and show that your company is adaptable and open to change and growth. Be prepared to answer questions about your business growth and where you see your Charleston property management company going in the next two to five years.

3. Show that you Care

A rental property owner is trusting your company to take care of large investment, and they want to know that you care about their business as much as they do. Create an online portal for owners to be able to track their account and see what their rental property is costing them vs. what their profit is. You should also keep owners updated with reports of maintenance, tenant issues, financial statements, and any other relevant information about the rental property.

Are you a property owner looking for the best Charleston property management company? Contact Scott Properties today and find out how they can help you make the most of your rental business.

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Getting the Best Tenants Using Charleston Property Management Companies

Finding good tenants is one of the first things on a property owners mind when they decide to rent a home they own out to strangers. Bad tenants are an investor’s worst nightmare. Going through the eviction process can take a lot of money and time that you don’t have or want to spend. Even if the judgment is in your favor, recovering the monies owed can be nearly impossible. Then there are the tenants who move out and leave the house trashed or in need of extensive repair. Sure you can keep their deposit, but wouldn’t’t it be easier to not deal with bad tenants at all?

How Charleston Property Management Companies Can Help

Charleston property management companies can find the most qualified tenants to rent your property while eliminating the hassle for the homeowner. When a property owner hires a company to manage their rental properties finding the best tenants becomes easier, and faster than ever.

Property managers can do full background and credit checks on prospective tenants beyond what public access records provide. A property manager can find out past addresses, look at eviction records, job history and verify references and income. Doing the deeper digging takes time and money that property management companies have already invested in software and programs to help verify applications. When you hire a Charleston property management company to screen tenants, you are ensuring the most thorough check of the prospective tenant possible.

Property managers also know when, where, and how to market to attract the best tenants to your property. Marketing to the right audience is one of the most important aspects of finding good renters and property managers know all the best trade secrets, so they are not wasting their time showing your home to tenants who won’t qualify.

If you have a property you’ve been thinking about renting, contact Scott Properties today!

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Property Management | How to Deal with Hoarding Renters

Charleston property management companies understand that when it comes to the rental home you own, you want that property to be taken care of and increase in value. When a property manager does an inspection or has a cause for concern to be raised about a possible hoarding situation, what can they do about it? Hoarding can result in home damage, and even make a rental home uninhabitable which is why Charleston property management companies should act over hoarding quickly.


Know the Tenants’ Rights


Hoarding has is classified as a mental health disorder subtype of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Being recognized as a health condition by the American Psychiatric Association qualifies hoarders for protections under the Federal Fair Housing Act as a disability. This means that you cannot forcefully evict someone for being a hoarder and Charleston property managers must make reasonable accommodations for hoarders before evicting.


What’s Considered Hoarding?


Messy and cluttered spaces do not constitute hoarding unless the behavior results in emergency exits being blocked, prevents sprinkler systems or ventilation from working, attracts pests, or create hazards for other tenants.


How to Confront a Tenant


Before you confront a tenant, you need to ensure that your lease enables you to do so. A proper lease will require tenants to keep their rental homes in a safe, clean condition, free from pests and hazards. Remind the tenant that their lease obliges them to these standards and see if the matter can be resolved without escalation.


What Reasonable Accommodations Must You Offer?


Reasonable accommodations are vague and may vary state to state but generally speaking, most judges will see a proven offer to the tenant of being able to rent additional space or giving an option to rent a storage unit within the realm of reasonable. You might also consider offering to allow them to rent a bigger home if they qualify or home with a garage or basement.


Evicting anyone is a complicated process, but it can be even more so when that tenant is a hoarder. If you want to prevent these situations from happening at your rental property, call Scott Properties today!

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Why Property Managers Must Verify Income

Charleston property management companies know that verifying income is essential to finding the right tenants to lease homes. Skipping verifying income can be tempting if you’ve already run a credit check and the prospective tenant has cash on hand for the deposit and first-month rent. While keeping your properties occupied is the goal of Charleston property management companies, leasing to a tenant that cannot afford to live in the home can become your worst nightmare.

How Much Income Does a Tenant Need?

The general rule is that your rent should only be one-third of your income. You will need to verify that your tenant makes at leastthree times the amount of rent in gross income annually. Keep in mind that some tenants may not have a traditional source of income that meets these requirements such as a salaried job; however, Charleston property management companies can also consider a co-signers income as well as student loans or grant money that the tenant uses for their expenses.

How To Verify Income

Most people have a traditional job that offers them a paycheck. Charleston, property management companies, can take copies of the paystubs to determine if the tenant meets the income requirements. If the tenant is self-employed, cash or commission-based employee, retired or a student, you will need to verify income in other ways such as:

  • Tax return
  • Annual income statement
  • Employer verification
  • W2 or 1099
  • Offer letter
  • Retirement, SSI, SSD, or Pension statements
  • Bank statements

If a tenant cannot provide you with some proof of income, a red flag should be raised. Never make exceptions and waive the evidence of the income portion of the application.

If you need help finding the perfect, qualified, tenants for your rental homes in Charleston contact Scott Properties today!

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Top Four Reasons Why Tenants Complain

Charleston property management companies know that tenant complaint is part of the job. A property manager may receive dozens of calls a day from tenants who need maintenance or have a complaint about their home or neighbors. Getting ahead of the most common reasons why tenants complain will help free your time for important business matters.

  1. Home Dirty Upon Move in-The most common complaint from new tenants is that the rental home was not clean when they moved in. Charleston property management companies most likely have the home cleaned professionally top to bottom when they are turning the home for the next tenant, however after days or weeks of showing the home, dust, and dirt can settle and make the home look dirty. Before you hand over the keys to a rental home, take a walk through with a feather duster and do one last inspection.
  2. My Landlord Never Calls Back-Tenants expect their Charleston property management companies to get back to them quickly, especially if there is an emergency maintenance situation. Property managers should be keeping track of their tenant calls and responding as soon as possible to keep good tenant relationships.
  3. Pests!When rental homes sit empty, it is common for spiders and other insects to enter the home. No matter how clean the rental home is or how many times the pest control people came through, pests can become a problem at no fault to the homeowner. However, if a tenant complains about pests, you should contact your pest control company immediately and let the tenant know of the appointment time for extermination.
  4. My Appliance is Broken-There are many different repairs that tenants will request from leaky faucets to stoves that stop working or HVAC that runs out of freon. There are no preventing maintenance issues that are part of normal wear and tear, but you can insist that your maintenance crew checks appliances when they are turning the home.

If you are ready for Charleston property management companies to take over the daily tasks of rental home management, contact Scott Properties today!

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Property Management | Senior Rentals on the Rise 

Property Management | Most people think of renters as young professionals, just out of college, starting their adult life or people who cannot afford to own a home. However, this ideology is proving incorrect as older Americans are selling their homes and choosing to rent instead. Rental property management in Charleston, South Carolina can see rental homes occupied quicker than ever if they market to the over 55 demographic.


Why Are Older People Renting?


The Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies concluded that the Great Recession has a huge impact on the housing market and rental market for people over 55. The findings of their study showed that home ownership from 2005-2015 declined 6% among 46-55 years old and the 56-65-year-old demographics. No longer able to afford their homes or forced into foreclosure, much older American’s were forced to start renting.


Now that home prices are back on the rise many older Americans are taking the opportunity to sell the homes they have invested in now that they no longer need the space. The extra cash from selling their homes can pay for years of rent on a smaller home and put money into savings for retirement, traveling, fun, or trusts for their next of kin.


Why You Should Rent to Older Tenants


Rental property management in Charleston should market towards seniors because this demographic is more often financially stable, settled, and in a better position to take good care of a home for a long period. Older renters are also less likely to move out after their lease is up and will sign long term leases on places they love that also meet their needs. Tenants age 55-65 also have much more disposable income as their children are typically now grown up and rent payments can be consistent and on time.


If you are curious about how you can find rental property management in Charleston, contact Scott Properties today!